Most recently, the main driver for the increase in demand for pharmacists has been the key role they’ve played to support the healthcare system during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has reiterated the important role pharmacies play and have declared them “essential frontline”. Over the past several year’s pharmacy’s scope of practice has increased, providing more services to the public, which has also contributed to the increase in demand for pharmacists.

4 Reasons demand is increasing.

  1. The role of the pharmacist as an integral member of the perceived healthcare team has been expanding rapidly for some time now. Pharmacists now offer several additional services including minor ailments prescribing, influenza and COVID-19 vaccines, and administering COVID-19 tests.
  2. There are approximately 10,800 community pharmacies in Canada, making these locations the most accessible healthcare available.
  3. Trust for pharmacy health and wellness checks is increasing. Many people rely on pharmacy professionals for advice with respect to medications, over-the-counter products, and general care. In many instances, pharmacists are being the primary healthcare provider.
  4. The emergence of telehealth and mobile pharmacies requires registered pharmacy professionals to operate.

There are many additional reasons for the increase in demand for pharmacists. The reasons noted above are just a few key trends. With this increase in demand, it will be hard for pharmacies to keep up with staffing demands. Leveraging relief workers through Relief Buddy can help fill these gaps and relieve the additional staffing required.