About RxSocial

Welcome to RxSocial.ca – a blogging website that is written by pharmacists for pharmacy professionals. But, wait…RxSocial is much more than just a typical blogging website – it’s  a place where pharmacy professionals come to read interesting content that is relevant to their industry.

Our goal at RxSocial is to connect pharmacy professionals across Canada. Our collaboration with Relief Buddy (a new mobile app that helps pharmacists find relief shifts) is a classic example of how we’re partnering with key industry players to provide information solutions.

Pharmacy professionals are very busy, which is why RxSocial is there to ensure our content is interesting, relevant and impactful. The type of content we provide includes blogs from Canadian pharmacists, current news and events, as well as coverage of the latest case studies that impact your profession.

We have a team of pharmacy professionals and expert writers that are here to provide you with your source of Canadian pharmacy news. You can get access to our content on rxsocial.ca and through a new mobile app we talked about earlier called Relief Buddy (go to www.reliefbuddy.ca to learn more about their services) where you will get alerts on new content.


Our writers are either licenced pharmacists or journalists who write about pharmaceutical related news information. We are always accepting new contributors. If you are interested please email info@rxsocial.ca.